Meet Reggie®, cheerful, clumsy, round, bright red and from the far sixteen-thousandth century! Equipped with time travel abilities and gravitational powers, Reggie must overcome numerous adventures, challenges and bosses to get the timelines back in order and restore science in his remote future. All of this without losing his temper and good humour! Will Reggie succeed?


Vinegar is the most relevant scientist in both our history and Reggie’s. Or at least, that’s what he thinks. Grumpy, arrogant, lordly… But also brillian. He suddenly gets carried from the seventeenth to the sixteen-thousandth century, where he must deal with undreamed-of science and individuals. Will he overcome his old fashioned prejudices and grow into the person that science desperately needs?


Reggie’s cousin is the last hero in the trio. He is also small and round, but his color is green. Unfortunately you won’t meet Reggie’s cousin until you invite a friend over and start an adventure in two player mode. Despite being shy and remaining in the background most of the time, he has also his big sparkling moments. Reggie’s cousin doesn’t get very much what that thing called 'science' is, but he has a golden heart and is always down to help. Especially when it’s Reggie who asks!


We now know Reggie, we’ve seen his cousin, we've met one of the scientists… But who is the other scientist mentioned in the title? This mystery will remain a little longer. Just a couple of hints for the time being: This scientist comes also from the sixteen-thousandth centry, just like Reggie, and the main voice over in our trailer belongs to him. When will his identity be revealed?


"Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world"

 The platformer game which defies gravity!

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