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Is Reggie a Tomato?

Reggie is a pretty normal little guy from the sixteen-thousandth century.

You have to consider that Reggie and his cousin come from a very very far future! 

Evolution had plenty of time to play some weird tricks and we suspect some transgenics might have been involved. I guess we will have to wait to discover his entire background story until he decides to get a genetic test. If you want to know more about Reggie follow him on his social media!

Isn't Mr. Vinegar too similar to Isaac Newton?

Yes he is! In fact, this was his name in our timeline.

Reggie's timeline is a bit twisted though. The twelfth century disappeared for mysterious reasons, and that caused some small yet major changes, being one of them Mr. Vinegar's family name.

But do the differences between our Newton and Vinegar end here? 

Watch the custcenes displayed after every level, and get to know all Mr. Vinegar's traits!

How did Reggie acquire his gravity powers?

Perks of hanging out with scientists from the sixteen-thousandth century!

Now, if you would like to know how a laid back little guy like Reggie ended up surrounded by scientists, you'll need to wait for the release of the game. Everything is explained in our cutscenes!

In which platforms will Reggie be released?

We have something in mind, but nothing we can confirm at this point.

Follow us in our social networks or subscribe to our mailing list, and we will let you know as soon as something is definitive!

Where can I play Reggie?

We are trying to make Reggie the best game ever. This means nothing is definitive at this point. We keep improving things every single day! For this reason, we don't think it's wise to release a demo yet.

What we do quite often is showcasing Reggie at game events. In our opinion, it is essential to analyse players' behaviour in order to polish the gameplay and achieve the best gaming experience. If you happen to be around, pay us a visit if you want!

I have a youtube/twitch channel and want to stream Reggie

That's really nice to hear! To be honest, it's a bit early to stream. But it will definitely be possible when we are close to launch. Take your spot here, and you will hear from us!

If, on the other hand, you have a blog or gaming website, we will be glad to be featured if you are interested too. Contact us, and we will send you all the info you need!

What are the horseshoes/coins for?

We get this question a lot! This surprises us, taking into account that Reggie's use of the coins is the most classic ever: when you pick up a certain amount, you get an extra life. Or are you asking why that is, perhaps? Well, there is this guy in the 16.000th century who has a horse with hundreds of legs. He purchases horseshoes at a very good price, so picking them is always a good idea!

Where can I get Reggie merchandising?

Reggie's plushie and other merchandising items are limited editions at the moment, so they are not for sale. Follow us on our social media to be up-to-date with eventual promotions! At some point we might decide to sell the items, though. To get updates about this and other development decisions, subscribe to our mailing list!

Can I publish my Reggie artworks?

We love getting artworks, and in fact Reggie loves it as well! You can publish all the Reggie art you wish, and besides, if you let us know your art will probably get featured on our social media! In fact, this page contains artworks by @CrazyKrakenStd @daninekai and @clam_team amongst others.

reggie going to the spa.png
Reggie and his friend th Clam Man. Artwork from "Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the ed of the world"
Baby Reggie and his cousin. Artwork from "Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the ed of the world"
Indie heros party featuring Reggie. Artwork from "Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the ed of the world"
Reggie and his BFF the Clam Man. Artwork from "Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the ed of the world"
Cluedo indie heros party featuring Reggie Artwork from "Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the ed of the world"
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