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Rich fully hand drawn cartoony worlds and cutscenes with traditional animation

"Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world" is a 2.5D cartoon platformer. The characters/enemies in the game are 3D, which make them more alive (orthographic view and cell shading), whereas the backgrounds/foregrounds remain in 2D to provide an overall cartoony look. We want you to get immersed into Reggie's world and provide you with the feeling of getting inside of an animated series. Experience Reggie's adventure as one of the characters in the plot!

The artstyle is colorful and cheerful. Foregrounds are HD and always fully hand drawn, which means that it does not contain restrictive tiles. Reggie manages to establish its own stunning visual style, and each level reinforces and builds on this unique look.

Every level takes place in a different location and time, which means they look very different from one another. We visit places like a cheery beach, an abandoned mine, arid La Mancha, a university run by gnomes, a submerged cave, an old steam train, a prehistoric forest and many more.

Screenshot from "Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the ed of the world". La Mancha

After beating every level players get rewarded with a little cutscene, which displays the progression ​of the adventure of Reggie and his friends. To match the cartoony experience, all cutscenes are made using traditional 2D hand drawn animation techniques. In total the game contains one entire hour of footage. Are you ready to enter Reggie's Universe?

Unique levels with player combos, powerup helmets, collectables and epic boss battles

Reggie has the ability of inverting his gravitational pull whenever the player wants to. Not just in certain areas of the game, not just for being on the floor or ceiling, but as a totally freely flowing movement at any time. Gravity switching has never been so natural before!

Does he sound a little overpowered? In any case, the game won't make things easy for you! Every level is different. Not only in the looks, but also the enemies and challenges it brings within. You'll never know what's coming next, but it will most likely be something that opposes your gravity skills. And let's not forget about the bosses waiting for you at the end of each chapter!

Artwork from "Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the ed of the world"
Artwork from "Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the ed of the world"

To help you with these challenges, Reggie can make use of a set of powerups, which appear in some levels and boost your powers when you wear them. These powerups come in the shape of cute helmets.

Drill helmet, astronaut helmet....

Are you ready to discover the powers they'll bring to you?

And the fun doesn't end here! If you are a mindblowing gamer or a hardworking completionist, Reggie has a lot to offer!

There are several types of collectables to be picked up in each level. For instance, if you manage to solve the egg puzzle that appears in each level, you'll get an extra small cutscene for your collection. Beat Reggie to 100% if you dare!


The most skilled amongst all players use their abilities to beat the game faster. Yes speedrunners, Reggie is also for you! How is that? We designed a satisfying combo system which allows you to speed up more the better you master your moves. Kill all enemies without touching ground, and you'll be transformed into a turbo meteor. In Reggie, you play with your own style. 

Revolutionary local two-player mode; play as Reggie’s cousin

Reggie’s game includes a fun local multiplayer mode. That’s right! You can play Reggie together with your friends, siblings, cousins… Anyone you want will be able join you!

Reggie's cousin from  "Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the ed of the world"

And who represents the second player in the game? No other than Reggie’s cousin himself! He is not as famous as Reggie (yet), but he can handle gravity just as well as Reggie does. Work together to bring this epic adventure to a successful ending and you’ll be rewarded with an extra surprise!

Our two player system is aiming to offer you the best possible playability, so Reggie and his cousin cooperate in a smooth manner. No more leaving one of the players behind, no more annoying flying bubbles. Even if you are new to Reggie’s universe, you’ll be able to enjoy the two players experience as much as your expert partner. Stay tuned for more details!

Innovative storytelling with Reggie’s Blackboard; play through multiple timelines

The life of a scientist would be difficult without a good blackboard to sketch out and solve their problems on! Reggie and his crew use a blackboard too, of course. This is a game about time travelling, and the plot gets complex at some point. For this reason, rather than a usual map, we will let you interact with Reggie's blackboard to select the levels and visualize your progress in the game.

Reggie's blackboard is almost empty at the beginning of your adventure and it gets filled with new information as you progress throughout his adventure.


Instead of worlds, Reggie's adventure is divided in timelines. Every time you travel back in time, a new line with a different future gets opened. Which changes will you encounter? The map is there to help you remember in which century and timeline each next level is located!

With each new level or cutscene, Reggie's crew puts up a new polaroid onto the map, so you can select it any time you want.

Map mockup from Ar "Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the ed of the world

Original Sound Track; new themes in every level and cutscene

Reggie wouldn’t be as much fun without its tailored music! Each level introduces a new theme adapted to the scenario, so you can quickly immerse in Reggie’s Universe. Furthermore, each character in this story has its own leitmotiv, repeated during crucial moments of the action. Could you recognise Reggie’s?


Ska, folk, classic fuga, flamenco, big band... there is no musical genre which Reggie leaves out, but always keeping its own trademark. 

A few examples of our inspirations are game masters like Koji Kondo or Grant Kirkhope, and all-time classics as Beethoven or Bach.

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