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Press Release Aug 14, 2019


Reggie®, the next platformer franchise you need to know about, debuts at Gamescom 2019



AMSTERDAM (the Netherlands) - August 14, 2019 - Meet Reggie, cheerful, round, bright red, a little clumsy and from the far sixteen-thousandth century! Equipped with time travel abilities and gravitational powers, Reggie embarks in an out-of-this-world adventure through space and time after scientific progress starts to vanish from his time. Will he succeed and get to the bottom of the events which are changing history?


After four years of development, the first title featuring Reggie,  “Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world” will be officially presented by degoma at Gamescom 2019, and playable in the business area of this fair (Holland Pavilion, Hall 4.1, stand A65/B70). Press and other trade visitors will have the chance to get gravitational with first Reggie’s adventure.


 “Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world” is a fun 2.5D action platformer with a sci-fi plot and fresh gravity based mechanics: Just as Kirby can fly by swallowing air, Sonic can run at the speed of sound and Banjo can create vehicles for driving, Reggie can invert his gravity with ease in ways that sets up the opportunity for a variety of wacky and fun hijinks. Reggie is the new hero on platformers, and is here to stay!


“Inverting the gravity pull is not totally new in games. Our innovation consists in integrating this move with the core mechanics, such as the jump. Manipulating gravity never felt so free!”  - Says Frank, cofounder of degoma -


Reggie and his friend’s quirky adventure will be displayed in numerous cutscenes along the game starting with the first one, where Reggie travels back to seventeen century in order to jump from a tree and bonk Isaac Newton’s head. These cutscenes are carefully created with 2D animation frame to frame techniques to enhance Reggie’s expressivity. Together with the hand drawn cartoony environments and incidental OST, their aim is providing the players with the experience of being immersed in a cartoon TV show where anything can happen. Even the game map is designed to reinforce the plot and help the player to understand the time travels. Dinosaurs! Trains! Gnome Kingdom! Waterloo Battle! Every level is different and unique, bringing new sorts of enemies and hazards.


These are other characteristics of this action platformer:


  • Unique gameplay: Gravity based core mechanics

  • Attention to physics and detail: Refined physics engine, powerups, combo system (speed run), diverse collectables.

  • Local Multiplayer: Aimed to help the less skilled of both players, and perfect for the Switch

  • Environment Diversity: Every level is different in looks, sound and challenges. 

  • Sci-fi rich time travel based plot: A new cutscene after every level to depict Reggie's complex plot.

  • Cartoon hand painted graphics: Fully hand drawn HD scenarios (no tiles) and traditionally frame to frame 2D animation for cutscenes, with inspiration from modern TV cartoons. 

  • Original OST: Mastered music, different in every level and cutscene.


NOTE: For personal appointments with degoma at Gamescom, mail





ABOUT Reggie, two scientists and most likely the end of the world


Reggie, two scientists and most likely the end of the world” is 2.5D action platformer for consoles with a sci-fi plot and gravity based core mechanics. It tells the story of Reggie, a little hero from a distant future who can control gravity, and his daring yet hilarious crusade to save science involving a grumpy scientist from the past, black holes, prehistoric beasts, pedantic gnomes, other dimensions and much, much more.

ABOUT degoma

Degoma is an independent game studio based in Amsterdam founded by siblings Frank and Gloria, whose roots lie in Spain. Together they lead the company and the development of their first title; "Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world"

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